Striving for regular physical activity, proper diet and nutrition, sufficient sleep and recovery; minimizing the use of addictive substances, seek help for physical health when needed.

  1. WATCH THIS: Carter, Christine (2020) Confessions of Bad Exerciser, Christine Carter PhD is a writer, speaker, coach and sociologist, as well as a Senior Fellow atthe Greater Good Science Center. In this talk, filmed for TedX Marin, she argues that in order to build a new habit, like exercising, we need to release our perfectionisticdesires and let ourselves be bad at it (at least for a while).

  2. READ THIS: Kilkus, Jennifer (2022) Is the Mind-Body Connection Real?

  3. DO THIS: Pick one activity from the “More Movement While Working”section of the Well-Being Week in Law Physical Health Activity Guide and implement that strategy today - maybe it’s a walking meeting, or setting a timer to remind yourself to stand and move during thework day. Pick something small, give yourself permission to do what you can (no perfection is allowed!), and acknowledge your victories when you follow through.

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