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Well-Being in Law Week


Five Webinars Supporting Lawyer Well-Being

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2024 - Diverse & Personal Pathways

to Physical Well-Being

Join us for a conversation delving into the importance of physical well-being for lawyers, focusing on the unique challenges of incorporating physical activity into the busy schedules of legal professionals. We'll discuss various strategies for aligning fitness goals with individual capabilities and health needs, while also tackling the logistical obstacles that often hinder motivation and consistency. Our panel will share their personalized journeys to physical wellness, highlighting how regular physical activity positively impacts their overall well-being and professional performance.

Panelists: Benita Talati, Esq., Matthew Maisel, Esq.

Moderator: Defne Ekin, PhD, Team Clinician

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Speaker Bios

2024 - Spirituality: What Is It?

How to Incorporate Spiritual Ideas, Concepts & Principles Into Everyday Practice of Law & Personal Well-Being

Michael Brusca, Esq. - Spirituality for the Unspiritual

Attorney work is demanding and difficult. It often involves conflict, tragedy, and money. Universal spiritual tools have been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. These practices are not difficult, and work even for the least spiritually gifted.

William John Kane, Esq. - “Spiritual Is Not in Black’s Law Dictionary”

Moderator: Wiilliam John Kane, Esq.

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Speaker Bios

2024 - Skills that Enhance Performance, Resilience, & Intelligent Decisions

James Garts, III, Esq. — Applying Intellectual Well-Being to Your Career

I find some comfort in the thought that life is a series of 50/50 decisions. Yes and no. Go or don't go. Left or Right. Up or Down. Do or do not. Each of us gets to make such decisions throughout our day based upon the information we have and our state of well-being when the decision is to be made. When I practiced criminal defense and family law, I sometimes shared this perspective with my clients while encouraging them not to linger in regret but to focus on making good decisions going forward. I also think it is healthy to recognize that even thoroughly calculated decisions might not always have predictable results.

Andrew Manns - Occupational & Intellectual Well-Being

Unlock peak performance and holistic well-being in your legal practice! This presentation focuses on Occupational & Intellectual Well-Being tailored specifically for lawyers. Discover proven strategies to mitigate stress, enhance focus, and foster resilience, equipping you to thrive both personally and professionally. Elevate your legal journey with the tools to prioritize your mental and intellectual health.

Moderator: Eric Salzman, Esq.,  CARC, Attorney Counselor

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Speaker Bios

2024 - Building Bridges:

Fostering Social Well-Being in the Legal Community

Join us for an enlightening discussion on Social Well-Being during our Well-Being Week celebration! Discover firsthand accounts from legal professionals as they share their journeys navigating the workings of the legal field, while prioritizing their social well-being. From insight on the positive impact of support groups, to personal anecdotes of resilience and growth, this webinar promises to inspire and empower. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the importance of fostering connections, both professionally and personally, in achieving overall well-being. Join us as we dig into the power of social connections in legal careers and beyond.


Denise Prescod - Recovery Is a Long Road, and It Is Infinitely Better With Company

Eric Salzman, Esq. - Strength in Community: The Power of Social Well-Being in Legal Careers & Support Groups

Anthony James - Self-Reliance: The Unbeaten Path to Social Well-Being

Anthony’s link mentioned in his talk: Trap Law University

Moderator: James Burke, BA, CRSP Candidate, Program Assistant/Resource Coordinator

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Speaker Bios

2024 - “What’s Eating You?”

Three Ways to Balance Emotions

& Build Resilience

Kim Groshek: Achieving Success and Happiness by Doing Less

A 15-Minute Task

Discover powerful strategies to elevate success and happiness by embracing the art of doing less. Tailored for high-achieving professionals seeking balance and fulfillment, this concise session explores mindful decision-making, the strategic power of delegation, and the importance of rest and renewal. Gain actionable insights to prioritize tasks, leverage team strengths, and integrate self-care practices for enhanced productivity and overall well-being. Join us for a dynamic masterclass experience and take the first step towards achieving success and happiness by doing less. Kim’s special links mentioned in her presentation: ebook, Gremlins Story

Jessica Kishpaugh: Stress and Emotional Eating

Effects of stress on the body, mind, and weight, toxic beliefs that keep us stuck and in a stress state, the hidden wisdom in emotional eating behaviors and action steps you can take. Link to Jessica’s page she mentioned.

Noreen Braman: What is Emotional Well-Being, and How Does Laughter Help

Let’s end the week with some smiles.

Get a head start on your Emotional Wellness - “check out” this checklist from the National Institutes of Health

Moderator: Noreen Braman, CLWI, Communications Manager

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Speaker Bios

All webinars are recorded

and available on

NJLAP’s Youtube channel, @NJLAP.

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